Developer Cococucumber just unveiled their upcoming title, Echo Generation, during the Xbox Games Showcase. The game's trailer gave a look into the world players will be exploring alongside how the turn-based RPG systems will work. With a unique voxel 3D style and stellar monster designs, Echo Generation is looking to be a promising title.

The Canadian studio who was responsible for bringing players Riverbond is using Echo Generation to pay homage to a new type of classic RPG-style games. Featuring some semi-open world elements matched with linear driven combat sequences, Echo Generation appears to have a lot fans of the genre can be excited about.

Echo Generation, while looking somewhat childlike at first, also appears to contain massive monsters and terrifying moments. The supernatural and mystery elements are central to the game's overall themes, so prepare to be thrown into the vast and immersive world of Echo Generation.

Echo Generation takes place during the summer of '93 in a rural Canadian town. One faithful night, an inexplicable object crash lands into the neighboring cornfield. A group of kids, driven by curiosity, take it upon themselves to check out what this unidentified item could be. Very soon after the object's appearance, mysterious and sinister monsters and mechanical creatures begin to flood the town. It's up to the kids to stop these invaders and save the day.

Although quite spooky in nature, Echo Generation is shaping up to be a very fun and whimsical game. The 3D voxel designs are an iconic staple of Cococucumber's games and bring a classic feel to a modern day title. The developer themselves described the game as being "Hauntingly atmospheric and playfully creepy..." which perfectly summarizes the tone of Echo Generation's story.

Echo Generation's Gameplay

During the game, players will have several ways to interact with the world. As a turn-based RPG, combat mechanics become critical. Based on what was seen in the trailer, enemies can range from a feral wolf to a giant toothed worm creature all the way to a towering mech. This wide variety of enemies means players will have a diverse set of challenges ahead of them. With the help of a few extra characters, players will need to fight one or more enemies at a time. Each playable character has their own set of stats, weapons, and health that will need to be accounted for when confronting an enemy. Players will be able to select which character they wish to attack first and scroll through a set of available attacks before locking in their decision. Based on what was seen in the trailer, massive boss battles will also be included.

Echo Generation also provides players with the opportunity to run around and explore what this town has to offer. Gamers will have the opportunity to interact with other characters and NPCs while investigating the mysterious happenings. Puzzles are due to be part of the game as well, as the footage depicts the protagonist exploring a wooden cabin and hooking up a remote antenna. There will also be instances when players will need to sneak around and avoid detection, which adds an additional level of gameplay to the title.

Echo Generation's Release Date

Echo Generation is set to release sometime in 2021 for the Xbox Series X, although no definitive launch window was mentioned. The game has been optimized to run in 4K at 60 FPS on the new console, promising a smooth experience of Echo Generation's gorgeous world. As it gets closer to the new year, it's likely Cococucumber will be revealing even more specifics about the title.