Amid all of the COVID-19 coronavirus concerns, Blizzard Entertainment finds itself in uncharted waters, and the future of BlizzCon 2020 is uncertain. Given the cancellation of E3 2020, Blizzardís pending decision could be another blow to an industry that often prides itself on the ability to bring fans and studios together.

Despite the Hong Kong protest controversy which hung over the event, BlizzCon 2019 had a plethora of great content and reveals, including the announcement of Overwatch 2 along with an additional game mode. Another popular Blizzard franchise received some welcome news, as Blizzard detailed Diablo 4ís elective mode. The conference has a tradition of not only revealing new developments specific to Blizzard Entertainmentís popular titles, but also putting on tournaments in which attendees can participate against some of the fiercest competition when it comes to the companyís virtual worlds.

Responding to fansí questions, Blizzard released a statement regarding BlizzCon 2020, revealing the company is unsure if the event will move forward as normal considering COVID-19 pandemic. Essentially, Blizzard said itís too early to decide about the event, as the team is waiting to see if matters improve by the time BlizzCon 2020 is supposed to occur. Despite the uncertainty, the team is still working to finalize their plans for the conference, as they had been doing before COVID-19ís interference.

Blizzardís statement offers little in the way of what those finalized plans include, but if the adjustments being made to Gamescom 2020 are any indication, it is not unreasonable to assume a fully digital event may be in the cards. BlizzCon has long had some kind of a digital element, allowing fans who canít attend physically to purchase a digital ticket and watch the show on devices at home. For Blizzard to expand the size of that digital viewership for the sake of their fansí safety, and the simultaneous continuation of their popular conference, is not such a difficult prospect.

BlizzCon 2020ís limbo status is not the first of its kind, as Gamescom 2020 is also in a similar state. However, Gamescom 2020 is definitely happening; only the physical event is up in the air. The coronavirus pandemic has certainly caused some chaos and ruined the plans of people across the world, though, for gamers, it has been a double-edged sword. The pandemic has given lovers of video games more time to interact with their favorite characters and friends, but it has also called into question the occurrence of popular conferences and events the whole world over. Now, more than ever, the future is clouded. Even so, one certainty is that gamers will persevere, as passion for gaming is at an all-time high given its use as a much-needed escape and social outlet.