Ahead of its release on March 15, players will get another chance to fight their way through the streets of post-pandemic Washington DC. The Division 2 will host an open beta beginning on March 1. It will run until March 4.

We don't have any additional details of the beta yet, such as the start times or if there will be any additional content beyond what we saw in the Division 2's private beta, which included two main missions, five side missions, a Dark Zone, and advancement up to level 7. The private beta also included access to level 30 characters and an endgame mission, which provided a chance to try out the three agent specializations and meet the powerful new invading faction: the Black Tusk.

We'll update this post when we learn more. In the meantime, you can see what our Division 2 performance analysis showed us about the kind of hardware you'll need to run it.