If you can’t wait to explore the ruins of Washington, D.C., there’s good news – the beta for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 starts in February. Ubisoft has finally provided some more specific details on when the beta’s taking place, alongside a new story trailer and a breakdown of the three enemy factions you’ll be dealing with.

The private beta starts on February 7 and ends on February 11, giving you an extended weekend with the game ahead of the Division 2 release date in March. Pre-orders, whether they come through Uplay or the Epic Games store, will guarantee access to the beta. You can also sign up for a “chance” to get in at the official site, though it’s worth noting those have been open for six months – meaning you’ve got a lot of competition to get in.

Your main opposing forces in The Division 2 will be split across three factions. The True Sons are a paramilitary force led by a former Joint Task Force officer. The Hyenas are described as “hedonistic scavengers” which answer to a council of pack leaders. The Outcasts are a group of formerly quarantined survivors who want spread their sickness to the world – and do some more hands-on killing, too.

You can get more details on the setting in the new story trailer below.

If that one’s region-locked for you, check out the UK mirror.

Check out The Division 2 system requirements if you’re looking for more details on whether your computer is up to the task of running the beta. The game is scheduled to launch in full on March 15.