Few MMOs emphasize unity quite as heavily as Conqueror’s Blade. As an esteemed warlord, you - aided by your loyal subjects - must earn honor and glory to forge an enduring legacy. On the journey to greatness, treacherous foes lie aplenty, foes that demand masterful tactics to subjugate. Featuring historically accurate weapons and diverse customization options, no two battles are ever the same. Between February 7th to February 15th, players can enjoy an expanded open world in Conqueror’s Blade closed beta in addition to the siege game mode revealed in December.

Whereas the Closed Siege test pitted warlords against one another in massive castle sieges, the closed beta focuses on enriching the open world. A newly introduced army management system lets the warlords fine-tune their army’s composition and equipment. Once the soldiers have been adequately geared, they’ll be able to roam the open world with you. Furthermore, Conqueror’s Blade simulates the toils of marching with a real army, complete with supply and economic demands that contribute to the game’s overall economy.

Even in third-person view, managing an army from a ground level is still exhausting and overwhelming. Therefore, large-scale reallocations should be coordinated through the new strategic overview, a mega map for effective force placement. The strategic overview also displays cultural architectures and ecosystems, which are factors to consider when plotting your next advancement.

Before sinking your blade into the world’s plethora of activities, a solid foundation should always be established first. There’s no need to build your kingdom from scratch; the closed beta unleashes the conquering system, where players and their Houses can attack and control isolated villages. Once the area is secure, the warlords must collect resources to forge materials for a better stronghold. You can do this alone, of course, just don’t be surprised when rival houses plunder your goods.

In the beta, there’s no limit to how many fortresses one House can control, just understand that the more you have, the thinner your defenses spread, and the more susceptible they are to falter.

Villages may seem vulnerable, but in Conqueror’s Blade, villagers also understand the dangers of isolation and have armed themselves accordingly. Certain villages are especially well-entrenched, often requiring multiple warlords to breach.

All the fortification efforts would be hollow if there wasn’t the risk of loss. The looming danger of a siege from a rival house is persistent and real, which all the more accentuates the importance of a good defense. A strong wall, then, is the first barrier against a coordinated assault. Perched atop the city walls, long-range units like archers have a clear advantage, so always have a team on standby in case of a surprise invasion.

Truth to be told, cowering behind walls doesn’t exemplify the game’s true spirit. For your House to earn a rightful place amongst the exalted, you must lead attacks against other strongholds. After all, the game is called Conqueror’s Blade and not Weakling’s Walls. The reason for initiating battles need not matter; whether it be for vengeance, greed, or simply satiating your bloodthirst, infamy can only be established through conquest.

Breaking down a solid wall requires more than just muscle, which is why the closed beta allows the player to build their own siege engines and hire new specialized unit types. They skew your army towards a certain specialty and would need smart allies to remedy your vulnerabilities.

To those who own the founder’s pack: congrats! You’ve already eligible for the beta. If you’ve signed up, check your inbox to see if you’ve received a beta key.