Well, that's it, then: we now have yet another CD Projekt Red game to look forward to. It was always expected that this would be the case: that The Witcher didn't end with The Witcher III: Wild Hunt. It just couldn't; that game was much too close to a masterpiece, and too much of a commercial success, for that world not to be visited in other circumstances. In an interview with Bankier.pl, CD Projekt Red CEO Adam Kiciński spoke about the possibility of a new Witcher game - outside the pretty clear-cut The Witcher trilogy arc we already know (and love).

"This does not mean, of course, that we will leave the world of The Witcher. The Witcher is one of two franchises on which to build the future activities of the company. Today, unfortunately, I can not reveal anything more."

Adam Kiciński, CD Projekt Red CEO

Those two franchises are - quite obviously - Cyberpunk and The Witcher, so it seems CD Projekt Red has found its calling and enough creative space within the two franchises to thrive. The Witcher has the open-world, medieval/fantasy RPG hold as one of the best such games ever created, and spawned a product that fills another space and revenue stream with Gwent. Cyberpunk, however, sates that technological, first person action hunger, opening up the cyberpunk (who would have guessed?) and science-fiction playgrounds. I'd say those are two of the best grounds to be in, really.

As a slight tangents, never mind that Wiedźmin's (The Witcher) creator, Andrzej Sapkowski, sold the rights to CD Projekt Red for $9,500 and waived the right for royalties for that lump payment. He might not have believed, at all, in the series' success - but how great a thing that it was, with all of its 33 million game copies sold, that we have such a fantastic games development studio on whose worlds we can dive into.