A cross-promotion between Burger King and Sony to celebrate the launch of the PlayStation 5 has shown off for the first time what the physical box for the next-gen console looks like. The PS5 is due out in just a few weeks time and Sony has started a number of marketing campaigns to help promote the console in the run-up to its release in November.

Burger King has been in the headlines when it comes to gaming already this year. The fast-food company teamed up with marketing firm Ogilvy to come up with a sneaky campaign that saw its new deals advertised on Twitch. But rather than coming to an agreement with streamers directly, it took advantage of a feature in the chat system that many stars use. Paying a small fee would see a robot voice read out any message, allowing Burger King to make viewers aware of any promotions it was running. This had the double benefit of also getting streamers to talk about the products on screen, but streamers themselves called the fast food chain out for clearly crossing an ethical - and contractual - line with the campaign.

A new commercial from Burger King and Sony has revealed what the PS5's physical box actually looks like. The footage is advertising an upcoming promotion that the two companies are running. It will allow anyone who buys a meal from the $5 menu has a chance of winning a PS5 console. As well as advertising the deal, the commercial also shows the design and size of the console's packaging and it appears as if it will as oversized as the next-gen console itself.

The official packaging for the Xbox Series X/S were revealed several weeks ago. The retail boxes look slightly smaller than the PS5's own physical box and feature the signature black and green branding that fans will be familiar with for the more powerful system. The white Xbox Series S on the other hand has a plainer design that fits with the sleeker appearance of the smaller and cheaper console.

While it is strange to get a first glimpse of the PlayStation 5's retail packaging through a Burger King promotion, it is nice to see just how big the box will actually be. It also puts into perspective just how massive the next-gen system really is. Fans just have to hope that the extra size is worth it and provides the space for the extra power and cooling.

The PlayStation 5 is due out on November 12 in selected territories and on November 19 in the rest of the world.