At Microsoft's E3 press conference, Xbox Game Studios' Blair Witch was revealed, and is a hugely unexpected throwback to the 1999 film that spawned the found film horror genre. It seems that it will follow an original story, and it looks damn scary.

Xbox at E3 2019 is all about games, and Blair Witch is one of literally dozens. Recently rebooted by the 2016 film of the same name, this new Blair Witch game looks like Outlast set in a terrifying, fever dream-like forest.

Following a man and his painfully eager dog on their search for a missing person, Blair Witch is shaping up to look like a Lynchian nightmare in its premiere cinematic trailer. Like a horror-themed Groundhog's Day, the first-person protagonist seems doomed to repeat his fateful search through the terrifying woods over and over again. Of course, the Blair Witch itself appears to feature, as well as other haunting creatures.