Despite a slew of positive reviews, Assassinís Creed Odyssey sales are down 26% on the seriesí last outing. In the UKís physical charts, Ubisoftís take on the Greek epic came in second last week, falling behind both FIFA 19 and the seriesí own efforts from last year.

While that might sound like a pretty steep drop-off, there are plenty of factors that might have impacted reduced sales. First up, the UKís chart-tracker doesnít account for digital sales, which made up a good chunk of Origins purchases, and likely did the same this time around. Itís also worth noting that Origins was the first Assassinís Creed game to launch in over two years. Odyssey, on the other hand, only released 11 months after its older brother, potentially impacting early interest.

Odyssey also came out a month earlier that Origins did last year, which gives it much more time to sell in the run-up to Christmas. Granted, it has some absolute juggernauts to rub up against between now and then, but that cowboy game isnít even coming out on PC yet, so who even cares, right?

If youíre still trying to decide if (or when) youíre going to pick up Alexios and Kassandraís adventure, check out our Assassinís Creed Odyssey PC review. If youíve already ventured into Ancient Greece, you might be interested to check out a few of the gameís Easter Eggs Ė tributes to Black Panther and the Greek God of Fire are hidden throughout the world.

Less subtle than that, however, is the fact that Assassinís Creed Odyssey lets you climb a Godís penis. Your character can scale an enormous nude statue of Zeus, King of the Gods, although they make it clear that it might be something they shouldnít be doing.