The war-ravaged ancient Greece featured in Assassinís Creed Odyssey is a long way in both space and time from the futuristic Wakanda of Black Panther, but that didnít stop Ubisoft from adding a pretty obvious nod to the hit film in Odyssey.

In Black Panther, thereís a scene in which TíChalla fights a duel for his tribeís crown against challenger MíBaku at a sacred arena at the top of a waterfall. Itís a brutal fight with high stakes, and at the end, TíChalla Ė the Black Panther Ė eventually emerges victorious, convincing MíBaku to admit defeat and recognize his rule.

In Assassinís Creed Odyssey, the south-eastern island, Messara (itís Crete in the real world) has a sync point near its middle called the Gortyn Waterfall. Youíll have to climb them in order to activate the sync point, and in a pool that looks an awful lot like the setting of TíChallaís duel with MíBaku, a crowd is watching two men duke it out at the edge of the falls. You can climb up and watch Ė or join in Ė the fight if you like, or see how it plays out with your eagle, Ikaros.

Obviously, there are differences: the combatants here arenít stripped to the waist, and the crowd watching is more excited than alarmed by what theyíre seeing. But itís hard to ignore the similarities in the setting, plus the fact that the short spears seen in Black Panther (including in the later duel TíChalla fights with Killmonger) look an awful lot like the Spear of Leonidas in Odyssey.

IGN spotted the scene and spliced scenes from the movie together with footage from Odyssey. Have a look:

If youíre not convinced, remember the quick ďThis is Sparta!Ē kick that Killmonger hits TíChalla with during their pivotal duel.
Like its predecessors, Assassinís Creed Odyssey is rooted in history, but the series has always taken its own liberties with the settings its chosen, and itís always fun to see a respectful wink paid to other properties the developers have found inspiring.