The Anthem demo has gone up, and every game on EA servers has gone down. Log-in issues for BioWare’s game have now extended across the EA catalogue, and while we don’t have specific details the actual issue, it’s apparently not the server capacity problem that was reported in the first few error messages.

BioWare’s Casey Hudson tweets “Turns out to not be a server capacity issue. Seems to be a different issue that didn’t come up in previous scale testing. Teams are on it.” EA community manager Corey Andress followed up a bit later to say “this is sounding like a Nucleus/Origin login issue.”

That’s different than the error message we got upon trying to log into the Anthem demo, which said “We’re sorry, but the EA servers reached maximum capacity. Please try again later.” But no, it seems you’re not getting kicked out of FIFA because Anthem servers are full – servers aren’t shared, but login services are. Today’s launch did, however, apparently blow a hole in the latter.

DICE’s community boss for Star Wars, Ben Walke, has broken out the big guns when it comes to official communication about server issues: the ‘this is fine’ dog.

EA’s support account tweets that “We’re now also looking into login issues across all of our games and services, including the Anthem demo. Hang tight – we’re on it, and we’ll share more info as we have it.”

If you need related content to fill out the time before you log in, we’ve got plenty for you. Check out our impressions of Anthem customisation, our interview over Anthem’s flight, or find out how to turn your Javelin into Iron Man.

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Or, if you’re more into watching than reading, we’ve got a half hour of fresh gameplay footage for your perusal.

The Anthem release date is now less than a month away, and the free demo is set to open up on February 1. Here’s hoping we don’t have these server issues again on either occasion.