Indie studio Final Scene Dev has released a demo for their new side-scrolling game, Biomass. The title has been described as being a souls-like game - meaning it's similar in nature to the Dark Souls franchise. Biomass is the first title that will be released by this studio and currently very little is known about the company. The game already has a page on Steam and is set to release on February 25th.

The souls-like genre has continued to grow since the release of the original Dark Souls game back in 2009. Typically, games that are assigned the label are difficult action-adventure RPGs. In the last several years, though, some critics have begun to reject this method of labeling. Many feel that even though some games share similarities with the Souls series, it is unfair to describe them in that way. Games like Code Vein and Dragon's Dogma were both described as souls-like despite having wildly different mechanics and concepts. Biomass, however, does seem to have some pretty heavy similarities to the franchise despite being a 2D sci-fi game.

Niche Gamer reports that the demo launched last month and has been picking up traction ever since. According to them, the game will include a large world that will be influenced by the actions you take throughout the story. Supposedly, the boss fights are interesting and challenging with new rewards given to players for besting them, as well as several unique types of enemies. The game will also feature a very expansive lore for players to piece together and understand much like its inspiration, Dark Souls. You can play the demo at Final Scene Dev's website.

The demo tasks players with working their way towards a lighthouse at the center of the city. Along the way, players must fight enemies and interact with different factions to proceed through the game. Players are able to collect new weapons and armor to help them customize their playstyle and fight enemies in the way that best suits them. Obviously, as a souls-like game, it is incredibly difficult and players will most likely find themselves dying during the demo quite often.

The souls-like comparison may feel overused to some, but in quite a few instances it makes the most sense to compare it to the popular franchise. Sometimes there is a specific feel that games have that reminds players of the feelings of the Dark Souls series. Looking at Biomass' demo seems to give off the same feelings of horror and anxiety that From Software brought to their titles. Final Scene Dev seems to have put a lot of hard work into this title. As a new indie developer, it will be interesting to see what they can do with a full game when Biomass releases in February.