With production near an end on the film, Zack Snyder has teased a snowy setting for Rebel Moon with new set photos from the project. The sci-fi epic marks the latest collaboration between Snyder and Netflix following the launch of his Army of the Dead franchise, which saw both films score generally positive reviews and put up strong viewership numbers for the streamer, ensuring the two continue to work together on the anime prequel series Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas and direct sequel, Planet of the Dead. As with many projects before it, Snyder is looking to deliver a massive-scale story with a star-studded roster, and audiences are getting a new glimpse of what's to come.

Zack Snyder recently took to his Vero account to offer a new update for his highly anticipated Rebel Moon movie. In addition to indicating that only two days remain on production for his sci-fi epic, he also showed off set photos from the Netflix project, revealing a snowy setting to be featured in the film. Check out the set photos below:

Everything We Know About Rebel Moon's Setting & What It Means For The Story

With over half a year dedicated to filming the sci-fi epic, much still remains unknown about Rebel Moon, with its sole plot synopsis teasing a peaceful colony located on the edge of the galaxy coming under attack by a tyrannic figure, necessitating a woman with a mysterious past to garner a group of warriors to stop him. The plot description may sound familiar to Akira Kurosawa fans, given it largely lines up with his 1954 classic Seven Samurai, in which villagers hire a group of mercenaries to stop bandits from taking their harvests. Interestingly, Snyder has confirmed Kurosawa's samurai epic to have been a major influence for Rebel Moon, especially back when it was being developed as a Star Wars pitch, a franchise whose creator was largely inspired by another Kurosawa classic, The Hidden Fortress.

Considering the story information given thus far, and the Kurosawa influences, it seems possible Rebel Moon will find its story taking place on a variety of planets as the central character ventures out to bring in warriors to defend the farming planet. Given the sci-fi epic started as a Star Wars pitch, it will be interesting to see if the snowy setting will feature any nods to the similarly snow-covered planet of Hoth featured in The Empire Strikes Back. With Rebel Moon concept art also teasing a desert-like planet akin to that of the oft-explored Tatooine, Snyder looks to be building another massive world rife for explorations.

Netflix seems to have similar confidence in the film as with the Army of the Dead franchise, already confirmed to be moving forward on a Rebel Moon Part 2, which was reportedly shot back-to-back with the first movie. Whether the potential franchise expands past the first film remains to be seen, but Netflix's commitment to Snyder and the various worlds he's creating comes as a welcome change of pace for fans of the filmmaker in comparison to his infamously difficult relationship with Warner Bros. With production nearly complete, one can hope for more Rebel Moon insight in the near future.