Zack Snyder hit the web today with a look at his short film Snow Steam Iron that he filmed during Justice League, and it looks like a murderously fun new addition to the film noir genre. The short film is made in conjunction with Vero, the new social media platform. Snyder, who the teaser lists as a brand ambassador, has frequently headed to Vero to share updates on his film work and clearly he thought making a short film that will debut on the site would be a fun and timely way to promote it.

The teaser brings back a lot of work that Snyder fans have seen in films like Sucker Punch. Filmed “over the course of a single weekend” Snow Steam Iron returns Snyder to the director’s chair and takes him back to using light, color, and shadow to tell a really cool looking story. The cast of the film is currently a mystery, and even the femme fatale featured in the teaser doesn’t have a “name”. While there’s a poster available, information about the short film is scant, even within the trailer. For instance, it would appear as if the femme fatale and the police officers live in an early 20th-century location from the use of the police camera.

Snyder’s current work has most recently been in comic book adaptations. From Dawn of the Dead to Batman V Superman and, of course, Justice League, he’s become known in Hollywood for larger-than-life stories. This smaller, more intimate take on filmmaking is a nice change of pace and almost reminiscent of Sucker Punch, a critically panned but unique film that incorporates several of the same elements.

Snyder is set to step away from comic books post-Justice League and begin production on his wartime drama The Last Photograph. While giving Snyder a break from comic book adaptations is smart, it might be difficult for a director used to such big budget productions to return to a smaller, more intimate storytelling experience. Adapting the language of giant characters like Superman before returning to telling the incredible stories of seemingly ordinary characters could be a welcome challenge for the filmmaker.

However, Snow Steam Iron proves that Snyder has it in him to create tension on a much smaller scale and on an even smaller budget. There’s no current release date set for it, but the tension in the trailer heightens what could be a really cool story. This project is one to keep an eye out for.