A controversial YouTube pre-roll advertisement for The Conjuring spinoff The Nun has been taken down only two days after the ad made waves on Twitter. The short clip featured an image of an audio icon turning down the volume before evolving horror images from the film, along with audio, including a piercing scream.

Two days ago, a tweet began making the rounds warning YouTube viewers of the offending ad. The poster implored those with anxiety or an aversion to jump scares to turn off their audio when the ad began to play. The post reached over 80,000 retweets in short order, and is now above 130,000. Twitter users were largely grateful for the warning, many expressing their discomfort with jump scares in general.

According to Deadline, YouTube has already addressed the situation and has taken the ad down. In a response to the original tweet, the streaming company assured viewers that the ad had been removed for violating their regulations. YouTube noted that the ad violates the company's ban on shocking content in promotions. Gruesome imagery may be another regulation that could apply to the ad. Naturally, the ad has been uploaded to YouTube, and can still be seen by those that seek it out.

This short spot emulates the previously released trailer that debuted on June 13. In the video, Taissa Farmiga plays a nun with a supernatural connection to an evil entity. Several jump scares are present in the trailer, including an immediate switch in tone while viewing an image of the nun, and a figure rushing out at Farmiga as she searches through an abandoned tunnel. There's a possibility that the trailer is simply cut in such a manner to build this kind of tension for the viewer. That said, it certainly doesn't bode well for the expanding Conjuring universe that an entire ad campaign for its latest film is being built on surprise scares rather than in-universe connections.

While it's notable that YouTube responded so quickly and has heard the concern of viewers, this incident raises many questions and doubts in YouTube subscribers. Most importantly, there's the question of how controversial YouTubers will be dealt with from here on out. Many viewers were angered by YouTube seemingly ignoring the button-pushing antics of streamer Logan Paul. Some accused the company of being too easy on Paul after several offensive videos had been uploaded to his channel. Doubts have been raised over whether or not this swift response is one that will be put into action when it comes to the platform's biggest stars.

Release Date:

  • The Nun (2018) release date: Sep 07, 2018