Fancy penmaker S.T. Dupont Paris is releasing a `limited edition Star Wars levitating lightsaber fountain pen, "fit for a Jedi master." You can purchase it as either Darth Vader's Sith Lord lightsaber or Yoda's Jedi Master lightsaber, both adorned with a 2 carat crystal—red or green topaz—to represent the weapon's blade. And it'll cost you $25,000.

The pen is "formed from bronze with black lacquer with palladium and rhodium finishes" and designed to look like the lightsabers from the Star Wars films. The pen is truly limited edition, with S.T. Dupont releasing only eight.

Your new lightsaber pen will come with a levitating platform, which might as well be made using the force—but in reality, just uses magnets to stay afloat.

Retailer Wheelers expects the pen to hit its store at the end of January, but you'll have to act fast. This particular site has only been allocated one of the eight lightsaber pens to sell. Don't have $25K to drop on a fancy pen? Wheelers is also offering S.T. Dupont's Star Wars X-Wing fountain pen for a little over $2,000, but it only comes with a glossy black lacquer presentation box. There's also the more reasonable (but still kind of expensive) $40 C-3PO pen by Cross.