Fox may be trying to court an A-list star for X-Men: Dark Phoenix with them reportedly wanting Angelina Jolie to join the followup to X-Men: Apocalypse.

Throughout the seventeen year history of the X-Men film franchise, the producers and studio secured their fair share of big names. Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Ryan Reynolds, and more have are just some examples in addition to the careers they launched (Hugh Jackman), but the current trajectory for the franchise has a focus on younger and lesser known leads for the starring roles, and high profile talent for supporting and villain parts.

Both Marvel Studios and DC have made a habit of this as well since the start, using established Hollywood heavyweights to support up and comers. Nicole Kidman or Forest Whitaker joining in supporting roles most recently in Aquaman and Black Panther, most recently, and Fox might be doing the same with Dark Phoenix. If the latest rumor is correct, they have their sights set one of Hollywood’s biggest female action stars.

During the latest episode of Meet the Movie Press, host Jeff Sneider threw Jolie’s name out there as someone possibly being considered for a role in Dark Phoenix. The comment came in regards to her reportedly being eyed to lead Bride of Frankenstein and how she needs a big role in a big franchise, which is where Dark Phoenix would potentially come in. Even though Sneider does not outright say Jolie is up for a specific role, he implies Fox is indeed hoping to get her – but he does not think it will ultimately happen.

Fox wanting to get someone of Jolie’s caliber within their X-Men universe should not come as a surprise considering how much star power other franchises have at this point. She could very well just be on top of their wishlist or they could actually be in talks with her to land a role or it’s random speculation given how it was presented.

However, if we operate under the mindset that Jolie is being courted for a role in X-Men: Dark Phoenix, it does not state who this role could be for. Based on what we already know about Dark Phoenix, Fox is looking to push the franchise into the cosmos with recent audition tapes further hinting at the presence of the Shi’ar Empire. All of this information could be related, with one character possibility for Jolie potentially being that of Princess-Majestrix Lilandra Neramani – the Empress of Shi’ar.

Even if Fox is ultimately not able to bring Jolie aboard, this possibly being the role they have in mind further confirms them drawing from the Dark Phoenix Saga storyline. In that story, Lilandra is one of the biggest supporters of the Shi’ar wanting to kill Jean Grey after she embraces her Phoenix persona. Most of this is speculation however and connecting the dots so Jolie could land a role different than this, she could pass on this role and it go to someone else, or Lilandra could not be included at all. So, share your thoughts in the comments!