Nicholas Meyer has confirmed that he is actively working on a new Star Trek project, in addition to the upcoming TV show Star Trek: Discovery. The filmmaker himself is well-renowned within the larger Star Trek fan/Trekkie community, having directed both Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, in addition to having co-written Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home – three of the more widely-acclaimed movie installments in the franchise to date. As mentioned, Meyer is now serving as a writer and producer on CBS’ Discovery TV show, the first Star Trek TV series since Star Trek: Enterprise premiered back in the early 2000s.

With respect to the “mystery” Star Trek project that Meyer is now working on, the only other major Star Trek movie and/or TV-related project known to be in development right now is Star Trek 4, the followup to last year’s Star Trek Beyond (itself, the third installment in the Star Trek movie franchise reboot timeline, aka. the Kelvin timeline). Meyer, for his part, is keeping things close to the chest at the moment and offering little in the way of clues about what his other current Star Trek venture might be.

Speaking with Trek Movie about Discovery, Meyer revealed that “One thing that has nothing to do with Discovery is that I am working on another Star Trek project, but I can’t discuss that either.” The filmmaker thereafter teased that “You can assume” that Discovery is the only Star Trek TV show in development at the moment and thus, that his mystery project must be a feature-length Star Trek film instead.

Whereas Discovery is now firmly on-course to premiere via CBS’ streaming service this fall (following the release of the first Discovery trailer), the status of Star Trek 4 remains up in the air. Simon Pegg and his Beyond co-writer Doug Jung began working on the script for the film last year, but this past spring Pegg’s Star Trek movie franchise costar Zachary Quinto (who plays young Spock in the Kelvin timeline) offered a not-so-encouraging update, saying that Star Trek 4 is far from a sure-thing to happen.

Quinto isn’t the only one to express doubts about Star Trek 4 landing a green-light, in the aftermath of Beyond becoming something of a box office disappointment with a $343 million worldwide gross against a $185 million production budget. For related reasons, the future of the Star Trek franchise may lie on television rather than the big screen, for the time being.

That would seem to suggest that Meyer is, in fact, working on another Star Trek TV series that is separate from Discovery, though there are certainly other possibilities as well (e.g. a documentary in the vein of last year’s For the Love of Spock). Whatever the case may be, the news that Meyer is working on more things Star Trek-related ought to come as welcome news to longtime Trekkies in particular, whatever forms they ultimately end up taking.