The full epilogue scene for Wonder Woman has just been released online showing Etta Candy (Lucy Davis) rounding up the boys for a secret mission. The project, which officially debuted Gal Gadot as the Amazonian princess, has made waves all summer, joining the elite rank of films that have made it passed $400 million at the domestic box office. Elsewhere in the world, it was also well received, pushing the DC Extended Universe past $3 billion in ticket sales and making director Patty Jenkins the highest grossing female filmmaker to single-handedly helm a live-action movie.
Many are already anticipating the film’s home video release. In addition to the movie, standard featurettes and commentaries from those involved, some never-before-seen footage from the project will also be included, like a short but possibly meaningful epilogue scene at the end of the movie that’s now available to watch online.
Courtesy of Yahoo! Movies‘ official Twitter account, the earlier teased Etta Candy-focused bonus epilogue shows Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) finding Diana’s WWI allies at a bar where she delivers a brand new “top secret” mission for them. “The war is over, but the good fight goes on. After the bombings in Liège along the western Belgian front, the powers at be found something,” she says. “It’s very old. It’s very powerful. They want us to recover the artifact and deliver it to the Americans. I mean, we don’t want it in the wrong hands, do we?”

There’s no confirmation yet, but DC fans assume that the mysterious artifact Etta is talking about could be one of the Mother Boxes — the miniaturized, portable supercomputers that originated on Apokalips. It is through this device that Victor Stone (Ray Fisher) was used by his dad to turn him into Cyborg. These electronics are also the main reason why Steppenwolf and his Paredemons descend to earth as they try to collect them all to gain more power for their universe-altering evil plans.
Should this be the case, the quick Wonder Woman epilogue could prove to be more integral to the DCEU franchise, as it directly connects the upcoming events of Justice League to Diana’s standalone film. It has been previously confirmed that the events of the DCEU’s first ensemble film will immediately pick up after the events of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, but this new intel could prove that there is a more intricate overall plan just waiting to be executed in the superhero-centric franchise.