Patty Jenkins has confirmed that she's planning Wonder Woman 3 to be set in the present day. Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman was the breakout star of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and it fell to Patty Jenkins to tell her origin story. Wonder Woman was set in the First World War, and saw Diana defeat Ares, the God of War.

Wonder Woman broke the glass ceiling for female superheroes, and Warner Bros. wasted no time signing up Jenkins for the sequel. Jenkins was able to drive a hard bargain, with reports that she's set to earn $9 million for next year's Wonder Woman 1984. This is another period piece, skipping decades to see Diana operating in the 1980s. Even as she's working on this project, though, Jenkins is beginning to talk about the inevitable Wonder Woman 3.

Patty Jenkins has recently revealed that she already has a clear vision for Wonder Woman 3. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, she's confirmed that this will probably be in a contemporary setting. "I'm not planning to put it in the past again," she explained, "because where are you going to go? You have to go forward. It's definitely a contemporary story. That's all I can say. Where we put it and how that gets figured out, I haven't totally nailed down."

As exciting as it is to explore Wonder Woman's story through the 20th century, Jenkins is probably making a wise choice here. In the modern era of the DCEU, Wonder Woman appears to have shunned the spotlight, somehow forgotten by the world. She re-emerged in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, helping Batman and Superman in their battle against Doomsday, and then teamed up with a band of other heroes in Justice League. Diana appears to have settled down in France, working at the Louvre in her civilian life. But her life in the present day is essentially unexplored; who are her friends, how does she keep her secrets from her colleagues, and how does she cover for her superhero activities?

There's been some speculation that Wonder Woman works as a traveling archaeologist, researching historical artifacts that she knows hold a secret power and then recovering them before they can wreak havoc. If that's the case, Wonder Woman 3 would have the potential of bringing ancient, supernatural threats to the modern world - an exciting combination. Meanwhile, it will be interesting to see how Diana handles her newfound celebrity; she's been hidden in the shadows for decades, but has become public knowledge.

The future is no doubt bright for Wonder Woman. The DCEU is pivoting to embrace heroes who've never had their chance to shine on the big screen before, with Aquaman even breaking $1 billion in the global box office. Wonder Woman 1984 is sure to be another success, and Wonder Woman 3 should be equally thrilling with the same creative team on board.