DC Extended Universe producer Charles Roven says “nothing has been written” yet for a Wonder Woman sequel. It’s been a long wait for fans eager to see the live-action version of Wonder Woman on the big screen, but it’s finally happening – nearly 40 years after Lynda Carter brought Diana to life in the classic TV series. Critics, naturally, have had an opportunity to see Gal Gadot blaze across the screen in the origins story of Diana, Princess of Themyscira, and by all indications, the film has matched if not exceeded everybody’s expectations. Better yet, the film is tracking to make $95 million domestically in its opening weekend and $175 million globally.

With such of an impressive start in terms of an overwhelming positive reaction to Wonder Woman and favorable box office prospects, it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that people already want to know what the filmmakers have in mind for the sequel.

CinemaBlend posed the question to Roven in a interview for Wonder Woman, and the producer says for the time being, the filmmakers are concentrating on what’s happening here and now:

“Nothing has been written. We really want to focus on this movie, and I think the result of this movie is going to really define what the future of Wonder Woman is in the movies, other than the fact that you know that she’s in Justice League. And we’re really happy about that! But I think we’re all pretty pleased with the film, and you guys have been great, giving us amazingly wonderful positive feedback. We hope it continues on!”
Fans really shouldn’t be discouraged that no plans have been set in motion yet for the sequel. After all, the Amazon warrior princess is returning to the big screen faster than any other character in the DCEU with Justice League in November – and with other DCEU movies in the pipeline like Aquaman and The Batman, there’s really no need to rush.

Perhaps the most important thing for the Wonder Woman sequel production to do is get director Patty Jenkins locked in place, especially since she’s already expressed interest in returning to the helm. Jenkins, in fact, says she already has ideas for a Wonder Woman sequel, so once her return is made official, then she and her fellow collaborators can start mulling over where they want Wonder Woman to go next.

Of course, one of the key elements of the sequel will be the choice of villain, especially after such a strong start with Wonder Woman’s battle with Ares. The era is important, too, since a lot of time has passed between World War I and the modern day setting of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. Whatever the case may be, the expertly-produced origins story has shown that given the right actors and creatives, the future of Wonder Woman has tremendous potential.