Wonder Woman 1984 director Patty Jenkins reveals the first look at Pedro Pascal in the upcoming sequel through a photo from the film's set. After the success of Gal Gadot's first solo turn as Diana Prince in Jenkins' Wonder Woman, Warner Bros. has been quick to move forward with its sequel. Wonder Woman 2 was announced just a few short months following the first film's theatrical release, and Jenkins' set to work on the script with Geoff Johns. Wonder Woman 1984 received a title earlier this summer when the sequel officially started filming.

Since then, Jenkins has offered fans glimpses of what they can expect from Gadot's return as the princess of Themyscira. The first look at Gadot back in costume as Wonder Woman was revealed shortly following the start of production, while an additional Wonder Woman 2 photo confirmed Chris Pine's return - a return Screen Rant first reported last year, though it's unclear how exactly the sequel will explain the actor being back. New additions to the Wonder Woman franchise for the sequel include Kristen Wiig as Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva aka. Cheetah and Pedro Pascal in a mystery role. A first look photo of Wiig as Dr. Minerva was released some time ago, and now a new image of Pascal in character has been revealed.

Jenkins tweeted a photo of Pascal in costume on the set of Wonder Woman 1984, offering fans their first look at his character. Take a look at the photo below.

When it was first reported Pascal was joining Wonder Woman 2 earlier this year, the actor's character was described as a "key role" in the film. Further concrete details about who exactly he'll be playing have been scarce, though one rumor claimed Pascal is playing "a god in disguise," much like David Thewlis’ Sir Patrick Morgan turned out to be Ares in disguise - a major twist in Wonder Woman's third act. We've also theorized Pascal is playing a male version of Cheetah in the DC Comics movie.

This photo of Pascal's character doesn't offer much in the way of new clues as to who he'll be in the context of Wonder Woman 1984. The character is sharply dressed and sitting in the backseat of a chauffeured car, indicating he's wealthy. Additionally, his image appears on a '80s TV screen, which may hint that he'll appear on the wall of screens Diana was watching in the first photo from Wonder Woman 1984. Perhaps Pascal plays a character key to Diana's conflict with Cheetah - or maybe he's someone Diana thinks is a god in disguise, like she believed General Ludendorff was Ares before learning Morgan's true identity.

No matter who Pascal is playing Wonder Woman 1984, this image continues to showcase the pervasive '80s theme of the sequel, which should make for a fun adventure. We already know Diana's costume in Wonder Woman 2 is brighter than the suits we've seen her wear in other DC movies, which is in line with that '80s vibe. As production continues on Wonder Woman 1984, we may learn more about what to expect from the sequel and get additional glimpses of the various characters in the film.