A Wolverine fan spotted a fun nod to the beloved Marvel hero popularized by Hugh Jackman in the opening credits of The Greatest Showman. Having played the scruffy Canadian mutant on the big screen for 17 years, the role has become synonymous with Jackman. And even after he finally walked away from it in last year's critically-acclaimed film directed by James Mangold, Logan, fans are still associating the character with the actor.

Following the real-life story of eccentric showman P.T. Barnum (Jackman), who founded the circus that became the famous traveling Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, The Greatest Showman boasted a star-studded cast, including Michelle Williams as P.T.ís wife Charity Barnum, Rebecca Ferguson as Jenny Lind, Zac Efron as Phillip Carlyle, and Zendaya as Anne Wheeler. While it wasn't a huge hit with critics as initially perceived, the flick was loved by audiences around the world, racking over $430 million with a budget of just $84 million. But it looks like a particular Easter egg in the movie went unnoticed by most of those viewers.

Reddit user irie_feeling spotted a subtle nod to Jackman's iconic superhero role in The Greatest Showman. Looking closely at the border of the film's opening credits, the ornate design resembles Wolverine's Adamantium claws.

While it can also just be a design coincidence, many are subscribing to the idea that it's a reference to Wolverine, especially since Jackman wasn't just the lead star of The Greatest Showman, he was also a major creative force behind the project as one of its executive producers. Having been attached to the film since 2009, it was the Australian actor's decision to use modern tunes in the soundtrack despite the film's period setting. The unusual choice paid off, with "This is Me" winning the 75th Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song and being nominated for Best Original Song at the 90th Academy Awards.

With the business deal between 21st Century Fox and Disney - which will bring the X-Men and Fantastic Four character rights back to Marvel Studios - pushing forward and expected to be finalized sometime in 2019. fans would have to get used to the idea that Jackman won't be playing Logan the next time they see Wolverine on screen. The actor remains adamant about his decision to leave the role and is looking forward to seeing who might bring Logan to life next. This is despite the fact that many are still clamoring about the possibility of him coming out of superhero retirement just to see his version of the character interact with the Avengers and other MCU heroes.