To mark his 50th birthday, Will Smith is set to take part in a charity bungee jump over the Grand Canyon in Will Smith: The Jump and is offering one lucky fan the chance to be there in person to watch. Since rising to international prominence as the star of NBC's The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Will Smith has become a bona fide Hollywood juggernaut over the past two decades, appearing in the likes of Ali, Men In Black, Bad Boys and Suicide Squad. As he nears the grand age of 50, Smith still has several high-profile projects lined up, perhaps the most notable being his role as the Genie in Guy Ritchie's forthcoming live-action Aladdin movie, taking over a part made iconic by the late Robin Williams.

While most people might choose to celebrate their 50th birthday with a big party or a fancy restaurant dinner, Will has decided to mark the occasion in a very different manner after accepting a challenge issued by YouTube channel Yes Theory. As lifelong fans of the actor and proponents of a 'love over fear' philosophy, Yes Theory were inspired by Will's previous attempt to overcome his fear of Skydiving and challenged him to take things "to the next level". The next level apparently being a bungee jump out of a helicopter. Of course, Will gamely accepted the dare, albeit only on the conditions that the jump would be performed for charity and would take place over the Grand Canyon.

The details,which can be seen in the video above, have now been ironed out and the stunt has been announced as taking place on September 25th, with proceeds going to Global Citizen's education campaigns. Will Smith: The Jump will stream live on YouTube but one lucky fan will have the chance to watch the event in person.

To enter, fans need to make a $10 dollar donation via Omaze and the prize includes travel and accommodation, a hangout and photo with Will and his family and an opportunity to video chat with a friend to prove that you really did just watch Will Smith jump out of a helicopter.

The proceeds of the competition will be donated, via the Will and Jada Smith Family Foundation, towards Global Citizen's efforts to bring education to every single child, regardless of circumstances. This will include the Education Cannot Wait campaign, which seeks to provide education for children in areas of crisis (for example, places impacted by natural disasters or violent conflicts) and ensure as far as possible that the children involved don't miss out on their opportunity to learn.

Whatever your opinion on their movie and music output, there's no denying that Will Smith and his family have been heavily involved in philanthropy and donated large amounts of money to charity (particularly towards education-based projects) and Will's birthday Heli-Bungee is bound to generate even more cash to help those who aren't afforded the opportunity of education that is so often taken for granted. A Hollywood superstar jumps out of a chopper and a charity gets a big pile of money. Everybody wins.

Will Smith: The Jump streams live on YouTube on September 25th.