It's been quite a while since we saw a good, old-fashioned slasher movie make a serious impression on audiences. Supernatural horror has experienced a strong resurgence in recent years, but the more human dangers that were famous and prominent throughout the 1970s and 1980s (the heyday of villains like Leatherface and Freddy Krueger) have fallen by the wayside. That seems poised to change with the upcoming reboot of the Friday the 13th franchise, and it appears that we finally know when production on the project will begin. Strap yourself in, horror fans, because filming for the next set of Camp Crystal Lake murders will begin this March.

A recent report from Friday the 13th The Franchise seems to indicate that production on the upcoming Friday the 13th reboot is imminent. According to the report, the film will begin production this summer in Georgia (only 12 miles away from the filming location of Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI) and is expected to run from March through May. The film has apparently experienced many setbacks and delays since it was first announced, but this new report seems to be the most reliable indication yet that it's officially back on track and ready to go.

This production schedule also appears to line up with previous rumors and reports associated with the upcoming Friday the 13th reboot. We recently heard that casting for the horror project began sometime in December, and if production is slated to bring in spring, then we can reasonably assume that some important casting announcements will be made in the very near future.

It remains to be seen whether or not the Friday the 13th franchise will find new footing with this reboot. We still don't know much about the overarching plot of the film, but one of the most talked about aspects of the reboot is the fact that it will delve far deeper into the history of the Voorhees family than ever before. Among other things, this will involve bringing Jason Voorhees' long-absent father into the equation. Horror reboots films have seen mixed success when it comes to delving into the history of an iconic villain (Michael Myers comes to mind), so we will have to wait and see whether or not shining new light onto the backstory of this horror legend will help the film in any significant fashion.

We want something different. However, we don't want anything THAT different. If I see any Rob Zombie-esque changes made to Jason, then I am going to be upset.

CinemaBlend will bring you horror fans any and all relevant updates about the upcoming Friday the 13th reboot as more information becomes available to us. The film is currently slated to hit theaters later this year on October 13, 2017, and yes, before you ask, that's Friday the 13th.