When one goes to see a King Kong movie, the main draw is seeing that giant ape cause chaos, whether it's in a metropolitan setting or the jungles of a mysterious island. Still, you need a human cast to provide meaningful character interactions, development and all that jazz. One of Kong: Skull Island's principal characters is Tom Hiddleston's Captain James Conrad, who looks like he'll be leading the expedition on the eponymous island. However, a new video has been released that provides a little more insight into who he is and what he'll be doing in the movie.

Earlier today, the official Kong: Skull Island released the above video on Twitter showing James Conrad's file that was put together by Monarch, the mysterious scientific organization that was first seen in 2014's Godzilla. It looks like Monarch will be the main connective thread to the Godzilla and Kong sides of this cinematic universe, so it would make sense that they're the ones who put this file together. Anyway, some of the details in Conrad's file include that he is an "elite hunter-tracker," served in the British SAS (Special Air Service) from 1965-1971 as a Captain, has either been part of or worked with the Australian Special Forces, and suffers from "manifestations of shell shock." As the video progresses, the information is slowly redacted.

The Kong: Skull Island photos and trailers released so far indicated that Tom Hiddleston's character would be the movie's main action figure, so the specific details of his military background aren't too surprising. After all, he's seen plenty of action on the battlefield. However, the shell shock part of his file is particularly interesting, as he's evidently still dealing with the after effects of his time in conflict. Anyone else betting that facing down a giant gorilla and all the other monstrosities residing on this island might produce another one of these manifestations? On a side note, it also looks like Monarch may be working with the government on this expedition to Skull Island, and Conrad is one of the people they've recruited to make sure everything runs smoothly. Why else would they need such a detailed file about him?

Of course, James Conrad won't be the only notable person going on this trip. Some of the other main Kong: Skull Island characters Samuel L. Jackson's Packard, a U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel who's been tasked with choppering in the explorers; Brie Larson's Weaver, a war photojournalist and peace activist; and John Goodman's Bill Randa, the government official in charge of the mission. Presumably videos highlighting them will also be posted on social media in the coming weeks.

Kong: Skull Island will wreak havoc in theaters on March 10, 2017.