Yesterday there was an utterly bizarre rumor that Ryan Reynold's Deadpool would be making an appearance in Hugh Jackman's final Wolverine movie Logan. Jackman has now spoken out on the rumor. Sort of. What he's actually done is reiterated what James Mangold said, which was in support of what Ryan Reynolds said. What Ryan Reynolds said is that it ain't happening.

Yesterday, The Wrap reported that Ryan Reynolds had already a shot a scene for Logan that would apparently have Deadpool appearing after the credits had rolled. Logan's trailer has set the film up to be the most serious adventure yet within the X-Men film universe. It honestly looks like it would qualify more as a drama than an action movie. This made the idea that Deadpool, the most comedic character in the franchise, would appear, even in the end credits, seem completely out of sorts. Now, with Hugh Jackman's tweet, both actors and the director of the movie have all said that it isn't actually happening.

Of course, that hasn't stopped fans from trying to parse the language of those involved to see if there's a way they could be denying it, but still have it turn out to be true. You see, the tweet that Ryan Reynolds responded to specifically dealt with the two characters being alongside each other, therefore, it's possible, technically, that Deadpool could still show up in a separate scene like the post-credits thing that had been suggested. If you're looking for loopholes, Director James Mangold just pretty much closed them all.

And so it would seem that there will be absolutely zero Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool appearing in Logan. It's honestly probably for the best. Even in an after credits sequence, it's hard to fathom how Deadpool style humor would follow the events of Logan. If the movie is as emotional and dramatic as it appears, the jokes just wouldn't land like they otherwise might.

Of course, there is the possibility that this could still happen. Everybody could be flat out lying. It's happened before. While generally speaking the practice is to simply avoid the question if you don't want to confirm or deny accurate rumors, sometimes they just say things aren't true when they are. We were told by numerous people on numerous occasions that Benedict Cumberbatch wasn't playing Khan in Star Trek into Darkness. Except that he totally was.