HBO released new Westworld season 2 footage as part of its preview for the impending 2017-2018 TV season. The series was adapted from the 1978 film of the same name, as was written and directed by Jurassic Park writer, Michael Crichton. The original story sees a Wild West theme park populated with robotic Cowboys and Indians, allows the guests to live out every fantasy without facing the consequences. However, following a malfunction in some of the robotic hosts, they begin turn on their guests in a murderous rampage. The TV show adaptation from HBO was met with critical acclaim, making audiences excited for the second season.

The first Westworld season 2 trailer premiered back at San-Diego Comic Con in July, and it confirmed that the majority of the main cast still alive at the end of season 1, would be returning. The Man in Black, Dolores, Maeve and Bernard will all still be inside the park – though as we were teased with ‘Samurai World’ towards the end of season 1, it’s possible that the second season will expand its horizons beyond ‘Westworld’. And with Maeve fully aware of what’s going on now, the season aims to be twice as ambitious as its predecessor.

Although the Westworld season 2 clips in the above HBO promo aren’t very long, we’re teased with quite a lot. Since the ending of season 1 showed the park in complete disarray, the most interesting shot here focuses on Maeve. She’s shown threatening Simon, one of the Westworld staff, with a gun. She might move into an antagonistic role during season 2, after everything that she has suffered already. Another shot here shows off a group of Native Americans frozen mid-fight. If they were mid-development before, then because of the carnage in the Westworld season 1 finale, they might have been completely abandoned.

Westworld season 2 Ed Harris Man in Black Westworld Season 2 Footage Unveiled in HBOs 2018 Preview Video
What is for certain is that Westworld season 2 will contain its fair share of carnage, hosts and humans alike. The show was already violent enough in season 1, but with more of the hosts becoming self aware, chances are that many the guests aren’t going to make it out alive. The tie-in-site for the series teased that the park is now out of control, something that The Man in Black might be able to fix. We know he enjoys killing the hosts in different ways, and doing this might help the guests during Westworld season 2.

Westworld will also continue to develop the characters that audiences fell in love with in season 2, with Evan Rachel Wood revealing that Dolores will evolve the next time we see her. This probably means that she will become more self-aware after the dramatic events of the season 1 finale. Season 2 will have plenty of new places to take the characters too, whether Samurai World is one of them or not.