Venom co-creator Todd McFarlane has finally revealed his thoughts on Tom Hardy's Venom, and shows how he would slightly change the symbiote suit. "The Alien Costume" first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #252, but Venom himself didn't appear until his cameo in The Amazing Spider-Man #299 in 1988.

There have been many versions of Venom over the years, but certain traits always remain intact. Usually, the host will wear a black symbiote suit and have giant white eyes with razor-sharp teeth. The first trailer for Tom Hardy's Venom seemed to generate a lot of hate since it really didn't show the symbiote all that much, but the final shot in the second trailer showed fans the first full look at Venom. While it was only a brief shot, many fans thought the character looked perfect and very in sync with the comic books. McFarlane has now spoken out on the movie's design, and what he would do if he could change the character.

McFarlane has posted a new video on Facebook discussing Venom's design. While admitting that he truly did enjoy the overall look of Venom, McFarlane details how the movie could have made a truly comic-accurate Venom. He starts by changing Venom's eyes saying that the movie version has the eyes too close together. He corrects this by adding more black in the middle of his face and changing the shape of his eyes. The next big thing he changes is Venom's smile, since the trailer shows too many of his teeth. He does this by simply brushing over Venom's back teeth with black and then changing the sizes in order to make them look jagged. Besides these two slight tweaks, McFarlane said he thought the design was "really cool". The full video can be seen below.

Although his changes may seem minor, they do drastically alter the appearance of Venom. With the changes in place, Venom looks a lot angrier, since his eyes are now slightly raised and his smile reveals less of his teeth. McFarlane also liked the way Sony gave Venom giant shoulders, since he has always imagined Venom's stature to be similar to that of a gorilla.

Venom seems to be slowly winning people over, especially after the release of the third trailer. The newest trailer revealed a lot more of Venom, rather than just showing more of Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock. Even though it may be disappointing that Venom won't include Spider-Man, it should still have an easy time beating out Topher Grace's portrayal of Venom in Spider-Man 3.

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. Venom (2018) release date: Oct 05, 2018