Vin Diesel is an indestructible super-soldier on a mission to remember his past in the international trailer for Bloodshot. Valiant Comics first published Bloodshot in 1992, and in 2015 Sony acquired the rights to the title as well as several of the company’s other characters in hopes of launching a shared cinematic universe.

However, Sony’s Valiant Universe dream seemingly won’t come to fruition now that Harbinger, the planned other major Valiant title, has moved over to Paramount. But Sony still has a potential new action franchise with Bloodshot, starring Diesel as a Marine who dies in combat only to be brought back to life and enhanced using nanotechnology that gives him superhuman healing powers. But as memories of his old life come flooding back, Bloodshot realizes there is more going on than meets the eye.

The first trailer for Bloodshot was released by Sony earlier in the week, and now a new international trailer has been released that teases more of the movie’s comic book action (via Valiant Comics). See the trailer in the space below:

Much like the first trailer, the new international clip goes into great depth in setting up the title character and his super-soldier capabilities. The trailer opens with a very stylish sequence that teases Bloodshot’s superhuman enhancements, including his healing powers, which allow him to bounce back from getting half his face blown off. The trailer then switches into exposition mode, outlining the nanotech that’s been used to give Bloodshot his abilities, while setting up Guy Pearce’s evil doctor character as well as the more sympathetic seeming character played by Eiza Gonzalez. There’s also another super-soldier, played by Outlander star Sam Heughan, who sports robot arms and gets in a huge fight with Diesel that sees them falling down an elevator shaft.

Roughly outlined, the plot of Bloodshot sounds very much like Robocop, with its hero who dies and is brought back to life as a basically indestructible man, who begins remembering his past life and ends up in opposition to the people who created him. Of course, Robocop was a satire as well as an action movie, but Bloodshot figures to be a much more straight-forward affair with Diesel bringing his usual intensity to the lead role. It remains to be seen if Sony has a hit on its hands with Bloodshot, but the movie definitely looks action-packed, and Diesel undoubtedly has his fanbase, especially overseas (which frankly is where Bloodshot might end up making a big chunk of its money, if indeed it does prove to be a hit).

Bloodshot (2020) release date: Feb 21, 2020