For four seasons now, Vikings has entertained audiences on History, inspired by the sagas of Viking Ragnar Lothbrok and bringing one of the most addictive, compelling, and gritty adaptations of the legendary Norse heroes to the small screen. Unlike anything else out there right now, it’s managed to cement itself as a unique offering at a time when television is plagued with much that seems way too similar, which has got to be at least partially responsible for the show continuing to pick up impressive reviews and ratings.

In the fourth season of the show, we saw lead character Ragnar killed off with several weeks of programming still left to go. It was something some viewers saw coming, but it came swiftly and without compromise, setting the series off on a completely new direction and shifting the narrative focus. One of those shifts saw character Rollo (Clive Standen) return to Normandy, far away from his roots and the chaos that still plagues those once closest to him. Now, details surrounding Rollo’s upcoming journey have been revealed.

Speaking to TV Guide, actor Clive Standen who plays Rollo, teased what viewers should expect when the show makes its return, from his character and from the overriding story. He said:

"Nearly every season, [creator] Michael Hirst has allowed me to reinvent this man, and Season 5 is no different. I think when he comes back, all bets are off… You’ll see a very different Rollo. [The season]’s going to be explosive, but not in the ways that you’d expect.”

Many wondered whether or not Standen would be bringing Rollo back to the series at all following the reveal that he’d be taking the lead role in NBC series Taken, but these comments certainly solidify the fact we’ll be seeing him at some point, perhaps in a bigger way than ever before. His relationship with former friends and family members who stayed where they felt most comfortable is going to be interesting to delve into; he’s certainly not going to be welcomed with open arms if he does decide to go back to the Vikings.

It’s great to know that Rollo will be making a comeback, as he’s one of the most interesting characters the show has to offer. As the older brother of Ragnar, the possibilities for a storyline really are endless. Despite his new role on NBC, he could really step into the mantle as the series’ new lead protagonist following Ragnar’s death.

Of course, writers are going to have to do a good job to convince viewership that Rollo’s time away from the tribe has really seen him go through a big change, and especially one that’s worthwhile. As Standen mentions, we’ve seen his character shift personalities on more than one occasion in the past; would it at this point be one step too far to see another transformation all over again?

Vikings returns later this year with a 20-episode Season 5 on History.