Sony adds Luke Cage actor Ron Cephas Jones to Venom in an unknown role. The studio is hoping to launch a cinematic universe of their own later this year by releasing the Tom Hardy-led film. Despite the hope of a R-rated turn for the antihero, recent indications point to a PG-13 rating for the comic book movie. The potential rating comes after three trailers have made their way online that continue to reveal more of the multiple symbiotes and talented cast that will be featured.

Hardy is the big draw for Venom thanks to his versatile and fan-favorite roles, like Max in Mad Max: Fury Road. The cast that surrounds him is quite impressive on their own though. Michelle Williams plays the female lead, less than two years removed from another Oscar nomination. Riz Ahmed, meanwhile, plays the villainous Dr. Carlton Drake who will become Riot.

THR is now reporting that Ron Cephas Jones is part of Venom's cast too. He most recently appeared in NBC's hit show This Is Us, as well as Marvel's Netflix original series Luke Cage as Bobby Fish. There's currently no word on what his role is in the film, but he finally gets involved with a superhero property in the process. He was previously attached to play The Wizard in Shazam!, but had to leave the project due to scheduling issues - possibly with Venom.

Although Jones' involvement is just now being reported, it's unclear at what point in production he actually joined. If he was part of the cast throughout production, then his actual role could be part of a surprise. However, it's unlikely Jones will be the one to connect Venom to the MCU, as the Netflix shows are never mentioned by the films, and a meeting between Eddie Brock and Bobby Fish isn't exactly the type of crossover fans are looking for. This could instead be a situation similar to Alfre Woodard, who appeared in Captain America: Civil War and Luke Cage but in different roles - if Venom is revealed to be in the MCU that is.

Since there are no character details on Jones at this moment, it's impossible to say how much of a factor he'll be in Venom. He could've been a late addition to the cast through reshoots, which could be why the role is only just now surfacing. If not, it could just be a very small role that slipped through the cracks during the coverage of production, but that could've been revealed soon, as the marketing campaign ramps up. Either way, Jones is going to appear in Venom, and fans will just have to wait and see in what capacity.

Release Date:

  • Venom (2018) release date: Oct 05, 2018