Tom Hardy appears to be just as excited for a Venom and Carnage showdown in the upcoming Venom 2 as everyone else. Sonyís Venom, despite receiving mixed reviews from critics, was a box office success. With earnings totaling more than $856 million worldwide, that success guaranteed the studio would proceed with a sequel. Filming is set to begin later this month, and fans are anticipating an iconic title fight in the form of Venom Vs. Carnage.

The original film ended with a mid-credits scene of Eddie Brock (after coming to an understanding with his symbiote counterpart) interviewing serial killer Cletus Kasady (Woody Harrelson) at San Quentin prison. Kassady says that when he gets out of prison, and he will, thereís going to be "carnage." Kasady famously becomes the supervillain Carnage after bonding with one of Venomís symbiote offspring in the comics. The scene serves as an obvious foreshadowing of whatís to come for Hardyís Eddie Brock.

Hardy took to Instagram today and posted a very ominous picture of two symbiote masks (tongues and all) floating next to each other. One can easily infer that these are meant to represent Venom and Carnage, and Hardyís caption doesnít leave much to the imagination: "W3íRíV3N0M2." With Harrelson set to reprise his role as Kasady, Venom 2 is setting Carnage up as the sequel's main villain. Check out Hardyís Instagram post below.

Harrelson signed on to film a single scene in 2018's Venom in the hopes that it would turn into a starring role in Venom 2. That gamble has now paid off as Venom 2 begins production, in large part, due to the fans. They went in droves to see Ruben Fleischer's original film, gaining the studio a huge profit that could not be ignored. Fleischer will not be returning for the sequel (due to a conflicting schedule), Sony is investing in Andy Serkis. Serkis' motion-capture experience will no doubt play into the creation of Venom and Carnage, as will the addition of acclaimed cinematographer Robert Richardson.

Michelle Williams is also reprising her role as Anne Weying and Naomi Harris is in talks to play the villainess Shriek. Hardy, who has already signed on for Venom 3, is reportedly helping Kelly Marcel pen the script. The actor clearly enjoys playing around in the Venom universe. Regardless of how Venom 2 does commercially, the franchise's success is a perfect example of the antihero's popularity among comic book fans. With a rumored Spider-man appearance in the upcoming film and top-tier talent on board, fans have a lot of reasons to turn out for the upcoming sequel.