The Uncharted video game movie proves it still has legs as the casting search for Victor “Sully” Sullivan begins. The film adaptation of the popular Sony video game series will tell the origin story of a young Nathan Drake with Shawn Levy (Stranger Things) at the helm. Specific plot details are somewhat scant at this point but, presumably, the movie will set the treasure hunter on his first adventure to far away lands, to fight a few bad guys and survive deadly traps all for the sake of fame and fortune - and, of course, to find and preserve objects of historical significance.

The film version of the video game has been trying to get off the ground since 2009. Multiple producers, writers and actors have floated through the project as it struggled to find its footing. Everyone from Chris Pratt to Nathan Fillion were rumored for the lead as the treasure hunter extraordinaire, Nathan Drake. While no new updates came out of this year's San Diego Comic-Con, a fan film staring Fillion and directed by Allan Ungar made the rounds just prior to the Con officially kicking off, somewhat satiating fans' appetite for anything Uncharted movie related.

Fortunately, a pinch of news cropped up during a Levy interview with the Italian publication BadTaste. Levy acknowledged, “I know, the world has been waiting for an Uncharted film for a very long time.” While he's only been onboard with the project for a little over a year, he was able to report on the progress so far, “...we have a very good screenplay, we have Tom Holland who will play Nathan Drake. Now we are in full casting phase,” and they're on the search for, “the most important one that is the character of Victor Sullivan.”

In the video game, Victor “Sully” Sullivan is not just another treasure hunter but also serves as a mentor, friend and a kind of father figure to Nathan Drake. The character is voiced by Richard McGonagle in the game and was portrayed by veteran actor Stephen Lang (Avatar) in the Fillion-Ungar short. Who will play the feature film's Sully to Holland's Nathan Drake remains to be seen. In the past Bryan Cranston was rumored to be connected to the production. Cranston is in the general age range for the Sully character but with Levy stating they are still looking for someone to fill those shoes, filmmakers may have a different role in mind for Cranston, assuming the rumor of his involvement holds true.

Taken all together with previous news that the production is scouting for shooting locations and has selected the film's stunt coordinator, eager fans should feel comforted that development is moving forward. Fans may also have good reason to stay hopeful, because with a rising star like Holland (Spider-Man, himself) in the lead, Sony could well have their sights set on a long-running franchise, making the wait worthwhile even for the most impatient fans.