Nicky Holloway, Paul Oakenfold and Danny Rampling will curate a soundtrack for the series.

Irvine Welsh, author of the best-selling 1993 novel “Trainspotting,” has been tapped to pen a new TV series based on the birth of the acid house and rave music movement, as reported by Fact. Welsh’s screenwriting partner Dean Cavanagh will co-write the screenplay.

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The series will be titled “Ibiza87” and will be inspired by the careers of the famous DJs Nicky Holloway, Paul Oakenfold and Danny Rampling. It follows the story of the advent of the rave movement, from the trio’s famous trip to Ibiza in 1987 (after which they became known as “the Ibiza four” together with DJ Johnny Walker) to the summer of 1989, known as the Second Summer of Love, when acid music became the dominant sound in England’s club scene.

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“I’m very excited about this project. As you know, it ties in with the 30-year anniversary of our trip to Ibiza and what followed thereafter; the birth of the dance music club and festival scene as we know it today,” Oakenfold said in a statement, via Fact. “It’s great to celebrate with this project as well as my world tour this year which is about just that, three generations of dance music.”

Holloway, Oakenfold and Rampling will curate a soundtrack for “Ibiza87.” A release date for the series has not been announced yet.