Spider-Man 3 star Topher Grace admits he was surprised Sony thought he was the right fit for the Venom character. After the acclaim that greeted Sam Raimiís Spider-Man 2 in 2004, another movie was inevitable. Unfortunately, Raimiís trilogy ended on a disappointing note, with many finding the threequel burdened with too many characters, subplots and villains. A particular note of criticism was aimed at Topher Graceís Eddie Brock/Venom, an iconic character from the comics, with many fans disliking the villainís somewhat lackluster treatment.

Raimi has since admitted that he doesnít really understand the appeal of Venom and was essentially forced to include the character in the movie. Spider-Man 3 treats Brock and Venom like the dark mirror of Peter Parker, showing what he could become if he gives into his anger and resentments. In spite of this, Venom is essentially sidelined until the finale and is dispatched rather easily.

While Grace did the best he could with the material he was given in Spider-Man 3, fans still find the characterís first big screen outing a major letdown. Thankfully, Tom Hardyís upcoming Venom movie is looking to be the R-rated, horror flavored comic book movie fans have been longing for. Now in a new interview with podcast show Inside Of You with Michael Rosenbaum, Grace says heís looking forward to seeing the movie as a fan and admits even he was surprised when he was offered Venom in Spider-Man 3.

I was a huge fan of the character of Venom when I was a kid when Todd McFarlane brought him into the comic. I was a huge fan of it. And I was surprised and a little bit like ĎHuh?í when they wanted me to play it. So when I look at it now, at the movie thatís coming out, I go ĎThatís the guy.' In terms of how I think the guy should be played and who should play it.

Grace has spoken before of his excitement over Hardyís Venom movie, and how he feels it will portray the character as he was in the comics. He also answers a fan question, in which he admits his version of Venom would likely lose against Hardy's in a fight. While his take on the role may not be fondly remembered, Spider-Man 3 co-star Thomas Haden Church came to Graceís defense earlier this year, stating he feels the actor did a great job and the criticism was unfair.

While itís unknown if Grace would have continued to play the role Ė given his fiery demise in Spider-Man 3ís climax Ė a Venom spinoff was planned to follow the third movie. A script was written by Deadpool scribes Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, but the vocal backlash against the characterís treatment led to the project being scrapped. Channing Tatum was earmarked to play Eddie Brock in The Amazing Spider-Man 3 before the franchise was rebooted again, which eventually led to Tom Hardyís solo movie, which may Ė or may not - be connected to the MCU.

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. Venom (2018) release date: Oct 05, 2018