Tom Hardy’s impressive list of acting credentials began with a role in acclaimed WWII miniseries Band of Brothers, and will continue with the Bosnian war film My War Gone By, I Miss It So. After playing sly charmer Eames in Christopher Nolan’s mind-bending and visually groundbreaking film Inception, Hardy had a steady offering of films including The Dark Knight Rises, Mad Max: Fury Road, The Revenant, and a return to WWII with this year’s Dunkirk.

The actor additionally took a lead role in Warrior, an action/drama set in the world of mixed martial arts, also starring Nick Nolte and Joel Edgerton. The film was written and directed by Gavin O’Connor (The Accountant), and explored themes of addiction, violence, and heroism. Now it looks like O’Connor and Hardy will be working together on a project that takes on similar issues.

According to Variety, Hardy will be producing and starring in an adaptation of Bosnian war memoir My War Gone By, I Miss It So. The personal account by war correspondent Anthony Lloyd includes all aspects of his life, including his parents’ divorce and his heroin addiction, a complex story which appealed to Hardy.

“’My War Gone By’ is a brutal yet sensitive story which addresses both the nature of addiction and the experience of war. I was struck by Anthony’s work and words, experiences, and for me his is an important voice and an important book.”

O’Connor, who will also helm the upcoming Green Hornet and most likely a sequel to The Accountant, will produce and direct My War Gone By. The director called his experience with the material “love at first page,” clearly as moved as star Hardy as he described the plot of the film.

“An up-close-and-personal account of a heroin junkie reporting from the front lines of Bosnia — the bloodiest conflict Europe has witnessed since the Second World War — who uses the high of war to kick his drug habit. It’s a book written with both fists. It’s Anthony’s ‘Apocalypse Now.’ I feel privileged and honored for the opportunity to bring the book to the movies.”

O’Connor has a track record of films that don’t shy away from complex themes and character development, and seems a good fit for the multiple layers of Lloyd’s memoir. Hardy is also more than capable of handling both the action scenes and complex emotional drama, and already has experience with the intensity and vast scale of shooting of war films. The potential for many disturbing scenes may scare off some moviegoers and limit the initial box office receipts, but it could do very well with awards season acclaim.