Thor: Ragnarok has passed the half a billion mark as it heads into its second weekend at the domestic box office. Since the debut of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2008, the studio behind the films has seen some record earnings. All told, the MCU has passed $5 billion domestically and $13 billion globally. Meanwhile, only 3 of its 17 films (Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger, and The Incredible Hulk) have failed to break $500 million at the worldwide box office. The third Thor film, however, is already blowing its predecessors out of the water in that respect.

Thor: Ragnarok opening domestically to the seventh best at-home debut in the MCU. After less than a week in domestic theaters and a little over two weeks in various international markets, the film has now passed the $500 million milestone even sooner than expected, thanks to its continued strength in theaters around the globe.

Deadline is among the sites confirming that Thor: Ragnarok has already earned $502.3M at the worldwide box office. The movie is now expected to reach the $600 million worldwide gross marker, before its second weekend stateside draws to a close.

With $147.9M domestically and $354.4M in international markets, Ragnarok currently ranks 16th at home and 14th in total across the world for the MCU. Ragnarok has already grossed more around the world than Kenneth Branagh’s Thor did back in 2011 ($449.3 million) and will soon surpass the total global hall for Alan Taylor’s sequel Thor: The Dark World ($644.6 million), which hit theaters in 2013.

Heading into the weekend, Thor: Ragnarok will be up against some competition in the forms of Murder on the Orient Express and Daddy’s Home 2. The three films – a superhero blockbuster, a star-studded literary adaptation, and a broad comedy sequel – don’t completely overlap with one another in terms of their demographic appeal, but Ragnarok isn’t expected to have any trouble pulling in the majority of moviegoers this weekend. By comparison, its competitors are projected to earn some $20M each this weekend, versus Ragnarok‘s predicted $60M second weekend at home.

With one of the best Rotten Tomatoes ratings for a superhero film ever and 79% of audiences highly recommending the film, Thor: Ragnarok may prove to be one of Marvel’s most successful solo films yet. It also means that Taika Waititi’s dream of Thor 4 might become a reality.