Sylvester Stallone is teasing a ‘savage’ Rambo 5 announcement in the near future. Just like he did with Rocky Balboa in 2006, Stallone resurrected another of his iconic characters for a belated sequel in 2008. Both movies followed sequels that were critically panned – Rocky V and Rambo III respectively – but in both cases, Stallone was able to rescue the reputations of both franchises, and they were both solid hits too.

While Stallone has returned to Rocky for the Creed movies in the years since, he’s seemed more reluctant to come back to Rambo. A potential fifth movie was first mooted in 2009 and would have seen Rambo tasked by the government to hunt down a savage creature grown in a lab. While blending the series with a horror movie concept sounded somewhat intriguing, Stallone backed off the notion following a swift fan backlash, and subsequently came up with a concept involving Rambo hunting down a Mexican cartel when they kidnap a friend’s daughter.

Stallone has gone back and forth on the status of Rambo 5 many times over the years, and even officially backed out of the project at one point. Now it appears the sequel is heading towards a start date, with Stallone taking to his Instagram account to tease an announcement for the movie is coming soon.

In some ways the amount of time its taken Rambo 5 to come together is encouraging. Stallone felt the final scene of the previous entry – where Rambo finally returns home after decades in exile – was a fitting end for the character, and he wanted to make sure another sequel had a story worth telling if he was to return one last time. There’s still no word on who will direct the fifth movie, though Stallone may very well step behind the camera again like he did last time around.

Aside from Rambo 5, Stallone is keeping himself busy with franchises. He’s completed filming on Creed 2, which will bring him face to face with old enemy Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren) again, and Escape Plan 2 recently paired him with Dave Bautista. The Expendables 4 is also in development, which will return to the R-rated roots of the series after the backlash that greeted 2014’s lackluster third installment, which aimed for a PG-13 rating in a move to attract a bigger audience.