The comic book series, written by Geoff Johns, will begin in November.

In the beginning, there was the end.
DC Entertainment CCO Geoff Johns took to Twitter on Monday morning to reveal two covers to the publisher's Doomsday Clock No. 1, which also revealed the trade dress of the entire series for the first time, which looks somewhat familiar to anyone familiar with the 1980s Watchmen comic book series. Judging by what he shared, the series is going to start with an ending.

Proudly presenting the covers to #DoomsdayClock #1 by @1moreGaryFrank & @bdanderson13. The story begins on November 22, 2017 from @DCComics.

Geoff Johns (@geoffjohns) August 21, 2017

Beyond the obvious curiosity of this being the first official release of art from the series (although panels from the first issue were displayed at San Diego Comic-Con last month), there's more being revealed here than first meets the eye. If Doomsday Clock a 12-issue comic book series which brings characters and concepts from the classic Watchmen series into contact with the mainline DC superhero universe of Superman and the Justice League is following through on the Watchmen approach beyond repeating the trade dress, the cover of each issue will double as the first panel of that issue's story.
If you're wondering which cover is likely to be the first image of Doomsday Clock's narrative, it's the one below, which DC has clarified is the main cover to the issue.

The cover featuring Superman, whom Johns has revealed to be one of the main characters in the series, is one of two variant covers to the series; DC also released artwork from the second variant, which will be a lenticular cover that will also use pre-existing artwork from Watchmen co-creator Dave Gibbons. Art for both the main and Superman variant covers is by Gary Frank, who is working on the series alongside Johns.

Doomsday Clock launches Nov. 22, meaning there are just three months to work out what end in particular is here, and how that image ties in with a story with such a portentous title as "Doomsday Clock"