Suicide Squad director David Ayer recently met with Paul Dini, one of the writers and creators of the Gotham City Sirens comic book. Shortly after Ayer's 2016 DC film released, it was reported that he was developing a Gotham City Sirens movie, but the exact status of the film has been up in the air over the last few months. At one point, it was even reported that Gotham City Sirens had been canceled altogether.

While Ayer had confirmed that he was still attached to direct the project (having been replaced by Gavin O'Connor as the director on Suicide Squad 2), little else has been said about the movie since then. It has been speculated that Gotham City Sirens may had been abandoned in favor of Birds of Prey or that the two films had been combined and would pit the two teams against each other, as the Birds of Prey are an all superheroine team based out of Gotham City (at least they are in the comics). It has since been announced, however, that Cathy Yan would be directing Birds of Prey and that the movie would not include Catwoman in the cast, further fueling speculations as to the status of Gotham City Sirens.

David Ayer added fuel to the fire with a recent Tweet. The director posted a picture of himself and Paul Dini, which can be viewed below, saying only that they'd had "a nice visit."

While nothing has been said about what the two discussed, it seems likely that the future of Gotham City Sirens had to have come up. Dini, who is perhaps best known to comic book and cartoon fans as the co-creator of Harley Quinn, co-created the original Gotham City Sirens monthly comic with artist Guillem March in 2009. Spinning out of the events of the Batman: Reborn storyline, the comic centered on Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn as the three criminals joined together to protect one another, as the underworld of Gotham City became even more chaotic than normal following the apparent death of Batman. It seems unlikely that a Gotham City Sirens movie would be directly based on Dini's storyline, however, as it was heavily steeped in the continuity of the comics of the time.

That being said, Dini would be the perfect person to consult on any story involving Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn, having extensively written all three villains in the comics and on Batman: The Animated Series. It's also possible that Dini may be coming on to write the screenplay for Gotham City Sirens himself - a move that would be sure to please many fans of the characters. Even if the story of the film did not adapt itself directly from Dini's comics, he'd certainly be capable of writing a fantastic screenplay featuring the group, having written several of DC Comics greatest animated films, including Return of the Joker and Batman: Mask of the Phantasm.

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