The DC Extended Universe is a tricky place. Still very much in its infancy, we've seen three films produced and promptly critically panned in quick succession. But anticipation for each new installment continues to be sky high, as the many DC fans (myself included) hope the next movie will be the success that will help steer the DCEU as a whole. One of the properties coming down the pipeline is Suicide Squad 2, which is still very early in its development process. There has been essentially no news on the sequel, although it now appears that a team is being assembled to bring Suicide Squad 2 to life.

And it looks like the first person on board is a potential writer. Adam Cozad has been reportedly tapped to write the upcoming sequel (via THR), taking the role from dual writer/director David Ayer. While Cozad is still pretty green within the business, he helped write last year's The Legend of Tarzan, as well as 2014's Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. While neither film were critical darlings, perhaps he'll be able to sink his teeth into some thing more meaty and iconic with Suicide Squad 2.

Deadshot and Harley in the office scene of Suicide Squad
If negotiations are finalized, Adam Cozad would be the first member of Suicide Squad 2's production team. But while some may be worried about his short resume, the fact that the DCEU is first and foremost concerned about the film's story is a good thing. If a compelling and unique plot is crafted, then it would presumably be much easier to reach out to directors, actors, and the like. Mel Gibson was reportedly in talks to direct Suicide Squad 2, but there hasn't been any update since that initial report.

It should be interesting to see where exactly Adam Cozad could take Suicide Squad's story. Part of what made the events of the first film plausible was that there was no Justice League assembled. But whatever sequel is produced will hit theaters after Zack Snyder's Justice League hits theaters. This will likely beg the question: why bother trying to manipulate villains into a mission when there are good guys already available?

Additionally, the film will want to focus on something more than simply another mission. While Task Force X will likely team up eventually, I hope each Suicide Squad movie doesn't simply function as a procedural. The characters were supposed to be the selling point for the first film, and we need to see the likes of Harley, Deadshot, and Captain Boomerang continue to grow and develop relationships with each other.

Furthermore, it's not exactly clear when Suicide Squad 2 will be produced in regards to Margot Robbie's Gotham City Sirens movie. Will Harley be present in both films, or will her story continue through her spinoff? We'll just have to wait and see.

The next entry into the DCEU is Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman, which will hit theaters June 2, 2017.