It seems that Guy Ritchie would love to direct Suicide Squad 2, but his schedule might not allow him to. David Ayer’s highly-anticipated DC Comics movie, Suicide Squad, opened to lackluster reviews last year but still managed to score big at the worldwide box office. Banking on the inclusion of characters like Deadshot and Harley Quinn convinced Warner Bros. to take a chance on the “Worst. Heroes. Ever.,” which seemed to have paid off in the long run.

Suicide Squad‘s box office success gave the studio enough confidence to move forward with not only a sequel but also a Gotham City Sirens movie (which Ayer will be directing) and a possible Deadshot spinoff. However, pursuing three Suicide Squad-related projects has left Suicide Squad 2 without a director. Warner Bros. has reportedly been courting some of the top talents in the industry, such as Mel Gibson (Hacksaw Ridge), Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland), Jonathan Levine (Warm Bodies), and Jaume-Collet Serra (The Shallows), none of which have signed on as of yet. It turns out that the studio might have approached another director as well: Guy Ritchie.

While doing press for his upcoming epic fantasy film, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, Guy Ritchie told Variety that he would “fancy” getting his hand on Task Force X, but he has previous obligations that would prevent him from doing so:

“I quite fancy doing Suicide Squad 2, because I thought I could do a good job with it. I can’t do it because I’m doing something else. But I’ve felt I could really do something with that.”
While the King Arthur director wants to helm the Suicide Squad sequel, he is already tapped to direct Disney’s live-action Aladdin film, the other project he mentions preventing him from helming the DC Comics movie. He is already knee-deep in pre-production on Aladdin, which is expected to release within the next year or two. And according to Walt Disney Studios’ Sean Bailey, it will be unlike anything they have ever done.

But seeing a Guy Ritchie-directed Suicide Squad movie would certainly be interesting, especially if he were able to maintain his unique directing style. And judging by his long-standing relationship with Warner Bros, he would likely be able to. His last four movies – Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, The Man From U.N.C.L.E., and the upcoming King Arthur: Legend of the Sword – were all Warner Bros. productions, and they’ve all carried his signature style.

While we still don’t know who will direct Suicide Squad 2 (or when it will release), we do know that The Legend of Tarzan‘s Adam Cozad will be penning the script. Plus, there is no shortage of DC Comics movies to look forward to. The studio has over a dozen projects in the pipeline, and they’ve shown no sign of slowing down anytime soon. If everything goes according to plan, then perhaps Ritchie will consider directing Suicide Squad 3, should it happen of course.

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