Seann Walsh's unexpected Strictly Come Dancing scandal shows no sign of letting up, as his ex-girlfriend has responded to his and Katya Jones' awkward interview on It Takes Two.

The comedian and his professional partner Katya appeared on yesterday's (October 10) spin-off show to address the infamous drunken kiss they were caught sharing last week.

Both Seann and Katya, who has been married to fellow Strictly pro Neil Jones for five years, apologised for the hurt they'd caused on the show but few viewers appeared to be in a forgiving mood.

Rebecca Humphries included.

Although Sean's ex Rebecca is yet to directly respond to the duo's public grovelling, the actress did express her feelings through the non-traditional medium of Twitter 'likes'.

Seemingly agreeing with Strictly fans who had taken issue with Seann's apology or lack of Rebecca liked a number of tweets wondering why she had not been apologised to directly.

"Neither @SeaNNwalsh or @MrS_katjones apologised directly to @Beckshumps for their behaviour. They just sat there talking about themselves. How unsurprising. Not ok," one tweet read, while Rebecca liked another questioning Seann's "decency".

"I feel so desperately frustrated & sad for @Beckshumps having just watched the 'apology' that @SeaNNwalsh gave. NO relationship is perfect, it takes kindness, consideration, communication &understanding. But most of all please have the decency to SAY her name? Apologise to her!"

And another message supported and 'liked' by Rebecca read: "He could have at least mentioned @Beckshumps name instead of skirting around the fact he hasn't apologised to her, just for the 'hurt he has caused'."

Despite the furore, Seann and Katya will be taking to the dancefloor when Strictly returns this weekend, hoping to impress the judges with a (distinctly unsexy) Charleston.