Arrow star Stephen Amell is working on growing out his facial hair to make his portrayal of Oliver Queen aka the Green Arrow more comic accurate, look-wise. Amell has been playing the Green Arrow since the television series debuted on The CW back in 2012, becoming the start of a shared television universe that's been dubbed the Arrowverse. Amell's look as the superhero has constantly changed throughout the series.

While Amell's Oliver Queen has carried different superhero names over the years, he has worn different costumes as well, signifying each change. Of course, despite being a comic book show, his costumes were always realistic and, above all, practical. But, over the years, the design has evolved into something closer to the character's comic book look, losing the painted-on mask after the first season in favor of a more comics-accurate domino mask. The most recent costume is a blend of the first and second outfits' styles from the first four seasons. Although there can and will always be changes to the actual costume, Amell wants to take his new look a step further with regards to his facial hair.

Amell took to Twitter last night to announce that he's been working on growing his beard out to match the comic look of Green Arrow. In the comics, Green Arrow sports a goatee, adding to his very Robin Hood-esque appearance. Amell has always had facial hair on the show, but it's never been quite the look or length of the comics' signature goatee that fans have been asking for since Arrow's inception.

Been trying to grow my beard to look like the iconic image of Green Arrow. Five months in... Iím closer to Thanos.
ó Stephen Amell (@StephenAmell) August 13, 2018

Amell tweeted that he's five months in towards growing the goatee, but that he's currently "closer to Thanos", the big, purple, stubble-chinned villain from Avengers: Infinity War. While Amell unfortunately did not share a photo, he did tease back at a convention in May that he planned on debuting the goatee in Arrow season 7.

Longer facial hair would make sense for Oliver in the upcoming season. In the season 6 finale, Oliver turned himself in to the authorities in exchange for immunity for his team. Season 7 looks to pick up roughly five months later, with Oliver having spent all of that time in a Supermax prison. Oliver also finally revealed to the public that he is the Green Arrow, and this revelation will likely lead to a different look for his costume, assuming the hero finds a way out of prison and suits up again.

The Green Arrow made his first appearance in DC Comics way back in November 1941. While he was a recurring member of the Justice League, the character didn't become a well-known hero outside of comic book fandom until he began appearing in multiple animated DC series. The character has always sported his signature goatee, and now that he's been taken to a new level of popularity with Arrow, it looks like fans will finally get to see a comics-accurate look in live-action.

Arrow season 7 premieres October 15 on The CW.