The beloved heroine obtained her doctorate among other accolades while her brother, Luke, was simply a "naive farm boy," says George Lucas.

Actually, it's doctor, thank you very much.
Star Wars fans were shocked, but delighted, to learn over the weekend that Princess Leia not only had a Ph.D., but that she earned it at 19.
The revelation was pointed out by Twitter user Becca Harrison, a University of Glasgow student, who discovered the news in the book Superwomen: Gender, Power, and Representation by Carolyn Cocca.
According to Cocca, George Lucas said in the 2004 commentary for A New Hope that Leia obtained her doctorate among other accolades while Luke was a "naive farm boy."
"She's like a very sophisticated, urbanized ruler, a senator, so she's a politician," said Lucas, according to Cocca's book. "She's accomplished, graduated, got her Ph.D. at 19 and she rules people."
The discovery was so popular, even Twitter pointed it out in a Moments collection.
Fans already knew the character was tough and could hold her own in a galaxy full of scum and villainy, but the Ph.D. at 19 kicked everything up yet another notch.
Carrie Fisher's Gen. Leia Organa will appear in the upcoming franchise installment The Last Jedi. Sadly, it will be her final appearance.