It's been revealed where Star Wars Resistance takes place in the official franchise timeline. The show, which is the latest project from Lucasfilm Animation, is set to premiere this fall and transports viewers to the sequel trilogy era. As the title suggests, the series revolves around the scrappy band of freedom fighters organized by General Leia Organa, as they look to fight back against the burgeoning threat of the First Order. Some of the movies' stars, like Oscar Isaac and Gwendoline Christie, are set to reprise their roles for the small screen.

Since just about every piece of Star Wars media published now falls in the same continuity, a question bound to come up whenever there's a new movie, book, comic, or TV show is when the primary action takes place. At the time Resistance was announced, it was all but guaranteed it would be set prior to The Force Awakens. Now, we know just how much time separates the series from the 2015 blockbuster.

On Twitter, Jose Ruiz pointed out that the Resistance page on the official Star Wars website mentions the show is set "about six months before The Force Awakens." This means that like the film, Resistance is 30 ABY. Since it's unknown if the series will be renewed for more seasons, it's impossible to say if Resistance will run concurrently with the sequel trilogy at any point.

This information goes a long way in establishing the state of the galaxy by the time Resistance picks up. It's safe to infer that Supreme Leader Snoke is in command of the First Order (with Kylo Ren at his side), lurking in the shadows as he waits for the ideal opportunity to strike. The war between the two factions has yet to truly heat up, seeing that there's still a little bit of time before Starkiller base annihilates the Hosnian system. In fact, The Force Awakens novelization revealed Leia was a political pariah for being one of the few who thought the First Order was a serious problem. It'll be interesting to see if Resistance plays up that element, or if it keeps the focus on the fun adventure since it's geared for a younger audience.

While Resistance doesn't appear to be the bona fide origin story some thought it might have been when it was unveiled, it still could help solve some mysteries about the sequel trilogy. There's no word on if Snoke has a role in the show, but bits of dialogue could detail his history and rise to power, vaguely explaining his origins. Andy Serkis revealed a while back Lucasfilm worked out a backstory for the Supreme Leader, and Resistance could be the prefect place to start getting into it. Time will tell.

Star Wars Resistance premieres October 7.