The background of a TIE Silencer toy for Force Friday II may be teasing a new Death Star in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Lucasfilm and Disney relaunched the Star Wars brand in 2015 by bringing Star Wars: The Force Awakens to theaters. The movie was a box office phenomenon and widely praised as a great installment in the franchise. Even those that loved the movie, however, admit that the film does borrow many elements from the original trilogy (specifically A New Hope), but assurances have continued to be made that The Last Jedi will not just be a remake of Empire Strikes Back.

There are certainly familiar elements and even many of the new things are taking pages from the original films. The First Order has newer and bigger Walkers and Destroyers, and have already repeated the Empire’s mistake of creating a giant, super weapon that is just a quick trench flight away from being destroyed. However, a new toy released may have just indicated that an actual third Death Star is on the horizon.

Star Wars Radar (via Making Star Wars) spotted a new TIE Silencer for sale on Force Friday II, but what has caught the eye of many is what is featured in the background. No ordinary space background is placed behind the Silencer, but instead, a Death Star is prominently pictured. If this was a regular old Star Wars toy, the presence of a Death Star could simply be chalked up to branding purposes. However, with this being an official toy from The Last Jedi and the box stating this is “From the new film,” it may just be that The Last Jedi will indeed feature a Death Star after all.

If this is not a case of the toy manufacturers using a stock Star Wars Death Star image as a background – and just to be clear, this version of the Death Star has been seen before – this would be a shocking way to reveal such an element for The Last Jedi. Considering the criticisms of Force Awakens for lacking in originality, seeing The Last Jedi not only use a Death Star but one that is nearly identical to previous versions would be surprising.

That said, this could be a result of oversight on the part of Lucasfilm and Disney. It is possible they didn’t notice or clear the use of this background, or simply did not think that it would lead to such speculation. However, it is difficult to believe that something like this (which could cause negative reactions) would be allowed to hit shelves by the studios if it was not movie accurate.

If it is movie accurate, The Last Jedi just became that much more interesting. The lone Star Wars 8 trailer released to this point doesn’t give many – if any – hints toward another Death Star. Including one would have to be executed perfectly for viewers tired of Star Wars constantly repeating itself to not point to its existence as a negative. That said, even though there is a Death Star pictured on this particular toy, it has not been confirmed that one is featured in The Last Jedi.