Ahead of the theatrical premiere of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Lucasfilm is continuing their marketing efforts with the Rogue Friday event on September 30. It sees the release of the first wave of tie-in products for the spinoff film, which of course includes a copious amount of toys. The studio’s many licensing partners, including Hasbro, have spent the past few weeks raising awareness for their items. Recently, the company shared a list of special retailer exclusives to help fans decide where they’ll spend their money.

One of the most popular showcases for the new line of Star Wars toys has been the “Go Rogue” stop-motion animation series, which was written and produced by a group of super fans using actual Rogue One merchandise. During the month, the official Star Wars YouTube channel has posted an installment in the four-chapter story, and it’s now reached its conclusion. You can watch the grand finale above.

This episode picks up shortly after the third part, where Cassian Andor had been captured by the Imperials. Director Krennic orders the Rebel team on the planet Eadu (led by Jyn Erso) to bring the second half of the Death Star instructions on board his Star Destroyer. The heroes put together a plan to outsmart the Empire, ambushing the hangar bay with a ship made from LEGO parts. They make a daring escape, shredding the Death Star manual in the process (accidentally, it would seem). As the Alliance celebrates its victory, Krennic discovers that he can download a PDF version of the plans on his data pad, and construction on the battle station can resume.

Previous offerings in Go Rogue highlighted multiple toys, but this one was created exclusively with Star Wars LEGOs. The animation team did a tremendous job putting it together, as the action sequences are high-octane and sophisticated. Chapter 4 also delivers in the humor department, making sly references to the series itself (Bodhi Rook’s explanation for why he wasn’t in Chapter 3) and the larger Star Wars franchise (Admiral Ackbar’s cameo). The bit with Krennic at the end is also worth a chuckle; anyone who has had difficulties accessing wi-fi at work will be able to relate to his frustrations. All in all, this was a highly amusing project that makes playing with Star Wars toys even more fun than it already is. Fans will be eager to create their own adventures when they get their hands on all the products.

There was some debate amongst viewers on whether or not Go Rogue offered any hints or clues about the Rogue One narrative, but it’s safe to say now that this was just a fun parody that provided a bare bones interpretation of the main premise. At no point in the videos did the Rebels align with Saw Gerrera, and Darth Vader was never there to be a thorn in the Alliance’s side – and those characters will factor heavily into the final film. This means there are still plenty of surprises left to discover, and it won’t be much longer until all is revealed.