Leaked product code names for Star Wars: The Last Jedi tie-in merchandise hint at the various toys fans will be able to pick up when the first wave of products hit store shelves on Force Friday 2017. While Lucasfilm’s official marketing campaign for their upcoming blockbuster has kept revelations down to a minimum, the film has been hit with some small, yet noteworthy, leaks in recent weeks. A collection of promotional images resembling character posters gave viewers a very rough look at the returning faces, and soft drinks cans provided a clear depiction of Supreme Leader Snoke’s Praetorian Guards. Thankfully, plot details remain under lock and key, but moviegoers are starting to get a better sense of what writer/director Rian Johnson has in store.

With the movie’s second trailer presumably still a ways off, the unveiling of the products this September will probably be the next time fans have an abundance of new material to dissect. Back in May, a listing of various action figures made its way online, teasing new toys for Hasbro’s famous Black Series line. Now, more inventories are available for people to check out – including one that hints at a possible showdown between Luke Skywalker and his evil nephew, Kylo Ren.

The site Promo Bricks (hat tip Star Wars News Net) had a listing of LEGO sets that will be part of the Force Friday event. Leaked packaging from this line has already confirmed some previous rumors and suggested the big final battle takes place on the mineral planet Crait. This most recent update mentions the First Order Star Destroyer, Resistance Bomber, First Order Heavy Assault Walker, and Kylo Ren’s TIE fighter among others. Most of these have already been covered, but Kylo’s ship is new. According to SWNN, that kit is said to come with Kylo Ren and Luke mini-figures, implying that the two will come to blows at some point. Reddit (via SWNN) had another list of Hasbro products, but given the cryptic code names, it’s very difficult to tell which characters they could represent. “Choose Your Path Lightsaber” is pretty self-explanatory, but character figures are still a secret until Hasbro is ready.

Some of the earliest Last Jedi speculation pointed to Kylo Ren finding his way to Ahch-To and battling Luke and/or Rey on the remote planet, so it isn’t surprising that the two relatives will be included in the TIE fighter LEGO set. Though the former Ben Solo was never able to retrieve the map to his uncle in The Force Awakens, he’s still on a mission to find Luke and eliminate the last remaining Jedi. Following his defeat at the hands of Rey on Starkiller base, Kylo will be even more motivated to prove himself as a worthy apprentice to Snoke, meaning he’ll stop at nothing to rectify the situation. How he discovers Ahch-To remains to be seen (there are multiple avenues available), but when he shows up, it’s sure to be a tense encounter for all parties involved. If Kylo’s brief scene with Han Solo is anything to go by, emotions will be running high.

Ahch-To is poised to be a crucial location in Episode VIII following its brief appearance at the end of Star Wars 7. It is the location of the first Jedi Temple and where Rey will train under Luke’s watch. There’s much more to the planet than originally thought, with a plethora of indigenous creatures keeping Skywalker company as he learns more about the Force. It has the potential to be one of the most interesting and important planets in Star Wars lore, so it only makes sense it would be the site of an action set piece.